Publicado por: Dream Hunter Z | 24/01/2014

The importance to listen

Hello everybody! How are the things? 🙂

Today I’ll write in english, it’s my very first post in this language. The subject is the importance to listen the others. I talked about it superficially in another post.

The importance to listen

This picture is from this blog.

Nowadays, people usually talk more than listen,  because they merely don’t have interest in what the other have to say. They don’t care about the opinions that are different from themselves. Contrariwise, many people wants to impose their point-of-view, mainly in subjects such as religion and philosophy, for example.

At first, for me, listen what the others have to say is a question of respect and manners. I think is very rude when someone is talking and the listener don’t pay attention.

Additionally, when you listen the others opinions, you can learn new things, or realize another aspect of the subject that you never thought about before. Independently if you’ll agree or not with this different way of see, it’s good for you expand the horizons.

Lastly, listen is the main way to you really know the other. How you can know people’s feelings and thinking? How you can discover their dreams, fears and happiness? Only listening what they have to tell you.

So, if you agree with me, starting today, let’s try to listen more, when someone seeks you to talk.

Well, that’s it!

And never forget! The greatest of all treasures are your dreams!


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